Palazzo del Duca while located in the center of Old Town ( Duke Street 27­29) it still maintans the peace, harmony and tranquility in its interior and exterior spaces.

With Palazzo del Duca, as your base, our visitors can enjoy the hospitality, warmth and friendliness of our business, but also you can wander and walk around, the countless alleys of the Old Town, each one with its own architecture and personality. They can be time travellers, in other worlds and cultures.

Byzantine churches, Catholic churches, remnants of the Minoan civilization, minarets and mosques with Turkish hammam, compose one of the pieces of the history of this city.

On the one side all of the above, and on the other side the museums and ruins from old times, and buildings give a sense of how the time passed in this area.

Many promising taverns and restaurants projecting from everywhere. Cafes and bars to taste with selective music, create an experience of unique entertainment in the surrounding area. There are countless shops with popular items and traditional products, also the gift shops(souvenir) guarantee to cover all tastes.

The uniqueness and the cosmopolitan character of the old town and the Venetian harbor remain memorable to all its guests.


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Palazzo Duca location - old town of chania

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