In the center of the old Venetian town and the Venetian Port of Chania , "Palazzo del Duca" raised its stature. A building designated by the Ministry of Culture as a historical monument of utmost importance.

The story begins in the early Byzantine period as a pottery workshop . The Venetians converted it as a luxury residence of the Duke city . In the Ottoman period, after some repairs, a floor is added. The last hundred years, it was used as a residence by wealthy families of Chania, Ottomans, Jews and Greeks. Worn by time and damaged by bombs of the Second World War, it was ready to collapse.

In this mighty critical moment in its history, we decided to intervene as a small family business. During the reconstruction, we retained all of its original architectural elements, so the building stays in accordance with that era, but also the past and the present are combined together peacefully.


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